Offset Patio Umbrellas

Offset Patio UmbrellasStylish Offset Patio Umbrellas are the perfect choice when you need to shade a large area or if the center pole through the patio table is not going to work for your needs.  This type of umbrella, also known as a “cantilever umbrella”, is based on the construction extending horizontally well beyond its vertical support.  This offers much greater versatility than the center pole umbrella.  The canopy expands a generous 9 feet and turns a full 360 degrees to offer the most dramatic shade potential covering large areas, such as a sunny patio, lounging by the pool, or even a hot tub.

Although this type of sun umbrella has much to offer, the offset umbrella design has a key point to consider before buying one. With the smaller outdoor umbrellas, the umbrella stands may not be sturdy enough to support the umbrella in bad weather with fierce winds.  Because of its cantilever design, it may be prone to bending at the joints.   Smaller offset patio umbrellas unfortunately are not made to withstand the stronger winds in some regions.

However, the larger varieties do not have this problem.  They stand firm and tall against any force Mother Nature can throw at them, as long as it is not something as powerful as a hurricane obviously.   This is something to keep in mind as you decide which offset patio umbrella is right for you.Offset Umbrella Tilted

From a design point of view, there are several patterns and colors to choose from.  Take a look around the area you wish to set up your umbrella.  What colors do you see?   What color or style is your home?   Pick a color or pattern for the canopy that will compliment what you see.  It does not have to match everything, just blend.   Too much matching of the same color tends to lead to a boring décor. Mix it up!

It would be wise to invest in a higher end patio umbrella.  Patio furniture is subjected to constant outdoor elements such as wind, the beating rays of the sun, rain, etc.  Choose a product that offers quality fabrics to prevent sun fade and is made well enough to withstand more than one or two seasons of use.  Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

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